Brief Encounters Workshop at DESIGN 2012 Conference in Dubrovnik

To gain additional information on how designers perceive working in distributed teams and the challenges they face with new technologies as part of their work environment, the Brief Encounters team held a half day workshop at the DESIGN 2012 conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

23 participants from academia and industry attended the workshop held on 21st May. Similar to the first BE workshop in London, the participants were asked to outline one of the creative conversations they had in the past months. The major question this time was, how the use of technology helped/challenged them and if there was something that they were actually able to do through the use of technology that they otherwise couldn’t do.  Surprisingly, the participants of this workshop identified similar challenges as the participants of the workshop held in London. The four challenges they identified and worked on solving them in the second part of the workshop were: intimacies, trust, use of artefacts and visualisation in distributed design teams. The analysis of the results of the workshop is currently under way.

 Photo Gallery from the workshop

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