Workshop Agendas

Friday 20 April 2012

City University London

The 1st Brief Encounters workshop was hosted by the City University London on Friday 20 April. The workshop was attended participants from universities and industry partners. We will be uploaded information about the workshop shortly.

Key objectives for this workshop is for the network participant identify for key issues in relation to geographically distributed design teams. This will provide us with a starting point for the next network workshop activity for Friday 8 June 2012.

List of Workshop Participants

Name Affiliation | Country
Mr Luke Wilson Mayborn Baby and Child, England
Mr  Ian Thompson Kohler, England
Mr Peter Atkinson Coventry University, England
Professor Woods Glasgow Caledonian University
Dr Nusa Fain Howden Ltd, Scotland
Professor Linda Drew Glasgow School of Arts, Scotland
Dr Hillary Grierson Strathclyde University, Scotland
Dr Leon Cruickshank Lancaster University, England
Dr Hua Dong Brunel University, England
Professor Ahmed Kovacevic City University, England
Dr Erik Bohemia Northumbria University, England
Professor Mark Blythe Northumbria University, England
Professor Ian Gwilt Sheffield Hallam University, England
Dr Andy Polaine Germany
Mr Hwang Sung-Gul Motorola, Korea
Professor Makoto Watanabe Chiba University, Japan
Associate Professor Kenta Ono Chiba University, Japan
Mr Itamar Medeiros Autodesk, Shanghai
Dr Peter Troxler Switzerland

Schedule for the day

Time GMT   Activities
9.30 Coffee Connect virtual Participants

  • Itamar – FacesTime
  • Andy – FacesTime
  • Makoto and Kenta – Videoconference?
  • Gul – Videoconference?

For full list of participating see the List of Participants below

10.00 Start Introduction to this workshop activities and outline the overall aims of the project
10.10 Activity 1 Know each other – get into your 4 groups
10.30 Intro Mapping Personal Communication Channels/Process Mapping
11.10 Complete Mapping Place Personal Maps on the WallNOTE: Andy will disconnect
11.10 Break/Coffee Dale interview Andy for 5 minutes
11.20 4 Case Studies10 minutes maximum – Internationalising the Motorola Seoul Design Office – Motorola, Korea – Sung-Gul Hwang, Creative Director
– Supporting distributed design – Mr Itamar Medeiros from Autodesk, Shanghai
– Experience from Educational Environment – EGPR Professor Ahmed Kovacevic and Dr Nuša Fain
– Where the design is going? – Dr Peter Troxer
12.00 Forum Reflect and discuss on 30 min on what was presentedIdentify 4 challenges for designing across distanceThen each group tackles one of the issue identified
13.00 Lunch Dale to interview for 5 minutes:– Gul– Makoto and Kenta– ItamarNOTE: Virtual participants disconnect
13.45 Big Issue Designing in Groups a system (not just technology) for distance collaboration – what aspects needs to be taken into consideration?
15.00 Break
15.10 Presentations Pin up on the ‘Wall’ and discuss 4 groups
16.10 Wrap up & Next meeting 8 June Lancaster
16.30 End
Break Pack up
17.30 Early dinner

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