Brief Encounters Steering Committee Meeting at University of Lancaster

On 3rd May the second Steering Committee meeting was held at the Imagination Centre at University of Lancaster. Its main aims were to analyse the outputs of the first BE workshop and to determine the structure of the next workshop. Additionally, the BE team discussed the structure of the additional workshop to be held at DESIGN 2012 conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The final result of this 1 day meeting was a list of challenges that the participants of the first BE workshop determined as being most relevant for working in distributed design teams. Some of the major ones were: the use of artefacts to aid communication at distance, building trust and intimacies in distributed design teams and expanding the skills of the designers to enhance the communication experience in at-distance collaboration.

On the basis of these challenges the steering committee members developed a schedule outline for the second workshop. The morning session will host presenters from industry, who will address the identified challenges. The participants will then split into group to start tackling the challenges. After the reporting session, the morning part of the workshop will close. In the afternoon, the match making session is intended to determine common interests and potential bidding partners among the workshop participants.